The full moon and you

I love a full moon, basking in the glow of her light just absorbing her full feminine energy. If I was such inclined I think I would even enjoy camping out and sleeping under a blanket of star's during a full moon (I have yet to find that inclination, maybe one day).

The moon at its peak of it's cycle evokes many different ideas in people, if you know any nurses or doctors they will tell you things can get crazy in an emergency department on a full moon night. Although I couldn't find any statistic's to back this up, I have to say people in general can get a little weird around this time of the month so I don't disbelieve them.

The word lunatic came from the idea that changes in mental state were related to the lunar cycles. A full moon can affect your sleep and your blood pressure so why not your mood. We are made of 60 - 75% water after all and we all know what the moon does to the water on our planet.

While I find a full moon a wonderous and calming time, not everyone can say the same.

A full moon is a good time for you to slow down and take stock of what you are grateful for, what is going right in your life. It is an even better time to list the things that are not, and making a letting go list. Try writing down all the things you want gone, burn it and let its ashes scatter in the wind (local fire laws adhered to of course) or you could even just throw the paper into the bin.

As this period is a good time for closure this practice of showing gratitude to the things you love and expelling the energies of things that are not serving you on a regular basis is as cathartic as sorting your wardrobe out or rearranging the lounge room after a spring clean. This regular practice of embracing your blessings and releasing negativity will inspire you in manifesting your goals.

Make your self a full moon ritual, it doesn't have to be elaborate or take very long, something small and personal works just as well as dancing naked under the moon with your girlfriends. After you have spent sometime writing down your gratitude and the things you wish to let go, finish your ritual with a lovely bath or shower, use a bath soak or body wash that makes you feel good and fall into bed happy, calm and ready to face another moon cycle without being branded a lunatic.

Keep tiptoeing through the tarot my friends and enjoy tonight's Thunder moon

Missy x

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